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You know the feeling…you walk out the door and get in your car.  Did you remember to pack your toothbrush?  Did you bring your cell phone charger?  Do you have something to do on the bus?  To help you prepare for your next trip, we have put together some packing suggestions. 


Grab & Go travel bag:

Let’s start with assembling an easy to take, “Grab and Go” travel bag.  Keep this packed at all times and it will be easy to just grab and go for either a day trip or a longer multi day trip, or keep it in your car so you are always prepared whenever you are away from home!

*motion sickness pills or bands

*pain reliever


*a couple band-aids

*travel size hand sanitizer

*small bottle of sunscreen

*nail clippers and file

*small sewing kit

*travel size tissue pack

*travel size pouch of wet wipes

*clothing stain stick

*copy of medical insurance card & contact info, doctor’s name & contact info

*list of medications, allergies & emergency contact info




Single Day Bus Trips

Signed up for a single day trip and wondering what you should bring? You don’t HAVE to bring anything but yourself, but check out the following list for some suggestions:

*”Grab & Go” travel bag (see above)

*snacks or drinks - we do provide bottled water on all tours, but if you want to pack something else like a granola bar, fresh fruit, bag of nuts. You can bring a small soft sided cooler if needed

*sunglasses and/or reading glasses

*cell phone (be sure to charge it the night before and/or bring charger)

*something to entertain you on the bus (see below for suggestions!)

*any medications you might need to take during the day

*travel neck pillow and light blanket (especially for longer day trips)

*any weather related items (umbrella or rain jacket, walking shoes, sweater)

*camera (be sure you have fresh batteries or full charge, and plenty of memory space or film)






Multi-Day Bus Trips

Headed out for a longer, multi-day trip and afraid you might forget something? Use this handy chart to help


Funtastic Getaways Packing List for Multi Day trips

(check your itinerary to help fill out below)                                                                         


Local Weather:___________________________________                                                                   

Dress Code:

  # of casual days:______________________                                 

  # of dressy occasions:_________________                                                                    


Basics                                                                                                    Clothing & Accessories:               

undergarments & socks                                                                                casual shirts

sleepwear                                                                                                  casual pants

robe and slippers                                                                                        tank tops/t-shirts for layering

sleepmask                                                                                                 sweatshirt/sweater for layering

earplugs or white noise machine                                                                    dress shirts/blazers if needed

                                                                                                              dress pants/skirt if needed

                                                                                                              dress shoes if needed

                                                                                                              casual shoes or sandals

Weather related items                                                                              jewelery

(pack according to local weather)                                                              belt and/or scarves

rain jacket                                                                          



hat & gloves                                                                      



                                                                                                                Items to Carry on Bus:  

Toiletries                                                                                                  Grab & Go Travel Bag

toothbrush/toothpaste                                                                                 portable snacks & drinks

dental floss                                                                                                cell phone & charger

mouthwash                                                                                                entertainment for bus

deodorant                                                                                                  medications you will need on bus

shampoo/conditioner                                                                                    travel neck pillow & blanket

soap                                                                                                         weather related items

shaving supplies                                                                                                 (umbrella, sweater, etc)

makeup & makeup remover                                                                            sunglasses, reading glasses

brush or comb                                                                                            camera (batteries or charging

hair care products                                                                                             cord, film or memory card)

contact lenses/eyeglass supplies                                                                    Passport & Photo ID (if leaving US)

denture supplies                                                                             

vitamins & medications                                                                




Entertainment on the Road

Stuck for ideas for keeping busy on the bus?  In general, if our travel time between the Cape and our destination is over 3 hours, we will bring a movie to play on the bus’ TV screens for everyone to enjoy.  In addition, our buses offer free WiFi so you can bring any internet ready device with you.  Some (but not all) buses have outlets available for charging your devices.  Unfortunately, we do not know ahead of time the specific bus we will have, so it is best to come with your devices fully charged (but bring the cords so you can charge them at your hotel!).  Out of consideration for others, please be sure to turn the volume off on all electronic devices, or use headphones.

Entertainment suggestions include:

*book, magazine, newspaper or e-reader (Kindle, Nook, etc)

*game book magazine (crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc)

*handheld electronic games

*tablet device (iPad)

*download a new game or two for your smartphone or tablet ahead of time

*portable DVD player (don’t forget headphones)

*MP3 player (don’t forget headphones)

*knitting or other portable craft

*notebook & pencil for writing or drawing


Travel Documents

One of the benefits of traveling with Funtastic Getaways is that you don’t have to remember to bring hotel or attraction confirmations or tickets.  You don’t need driving directions or maps. We take care of all these details for you!  But for all trips it is a good idea to bring along a copy of your travel itinerary with Funtastic Getaways’ contact information.   In addition you might want to consider packing the following (particularly on multi-day trips and trips that take you outside of the United States)

Copies of the following documents (just in case the originals get lost, be sure to pack them separately from the originals):

*Passport and/or Visa

*photo identification

*travel insurance documents

*credit card numbers & contact info (in case your cards get stolen so you can contact them right away)

*Medical insurance information & contact numbers

*lists of medications & dosages

*contact number of doctors whom regularly treat you



Misc Travel Details

Finally, here is a list of other miscellaneous things to do before traveling:

*arrange for pet care

*if you will be gone for more than a day or two arrange for mail & newspapers to be picked up or held

*pay any bills that may come due while you are away

*turn off water, remove perishables from refrigerator, take out trash, lock windows and doors, water houseplants

*leave a few lights on timers and mow lawn before you leave during the summer

*reschedule any automatic services (housekeeping, lawn/pool maintenance, etc)

*call your bank and credit cards to let them know you will be traveling so charges will not end up declined (especially if you will be leaving the country)

*consider adding long distance or international calling plan to your cell phone while you are away to avoid high roaming charges on your next bill

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