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*updated 3/30


Thank you for your patience and support during the pandemic - it certainly has been a difficult roller-coaster of a year for us all. We were able to run just a couple of trips last fall, and are thankfully seeing the light at the end of the covid-19 tunnel with the roll-out of the vaccine. 


We've all found ways to occupy ourselves during this year in limbo, but we are all very much looking forward to getting back to work, traveling, and returning to some sense of normalcy as soon as possible.


We are starting up our tours again in May, hoping that by that time most everyone 65+ should have received both covid-19 shots. We are looking forward to traveling again without the fear of getting covid-19! While we will still need to wear masks and socially distance for awhile, traveling will be a much less stressful experience once we receive the vaccinations.


Until then, stay safe & healthy!







These are the latest updates due to covid-19. If you are signed up for any of these trips, you will receive a letter informing you of the date change and your reservation will be moved to the new date for the trip. I am still in the process of sending out all of these letters, but I wanted to get the updates online asap. If you can't make the new date, please call me and I will cancel your reservation.


Providence Performing Arts Center has told us that the Broadway National Tours have all been cancelled through June. They will return to their tours in the fall and run through the middle of 2022.


King Tut - The group sales department told me that they will be opening the exhibit as soon as possible, however they need to wait until they are given the OK to re-open the space, and as soon as that happens they will contact us and give us a new date for our reservation. As soon as we get their confirmation, we will send out a letter to everyone that is signed up on the trip with the new dates. We will offer two dates for the exhibit. Letters will be sent out to anyone that is signed up for King Tut to let them know that the show is postponed.




Our spring/summer brochure is at the printer now and will be in your mailboxes hopefully by mid April.

But, until then, please check out all the new trips online!


Coronavirus Policies & Proceedures:


In this challenging time for all of us, please know that our top concern is protecting the health & wellbeing of our travelers. Cape Cod has a strong community and at times of crisis we all pull together and will make it through.  Please take care of one another and keep yourselves safe.  


I would like to share with you the procedures that we are putting in place following the Governor's guidelines to ensure safe travel:


  • Until further notice, when you arrive at the bus, you will need to be wearing a mask if you can not keep six feet between you and other passengers, and if you arrive without a mask, a disposable mask will be given to you.

  • I have purchased no-contact thermometers, and your temperature will be taken before you enter the motorcoach. If you have a temperature, you will not be allowed to travel.  During this time, we will offer a refund for the portion of the trip that you are unable to take to anyone that arrives at the motorcoach and is not allowed to travel because they have a fever.

  • Your tour director will give you a pocket-size spray bottle of hand sanitizer to use on the tour and keep afterwards.

  • While in phase three, we will limit the passenger numbers to 27 passengers per bus and practice social distancing with our seating plan as much as possible. Each person will have two seats and sit across the aisle from the person they are traveling with.

  • When entering and exiting the motorcoach, we will allow extra time so that there can be a 6-foot distance between everyone as we exit the coach

  • You will be asked to sign a Health Questionaire when boarding the bus.  The Questionaire will ask you to attest to the following:

    By signing this questionnaire, I certify and agree that:


  •  *I have received, read, & agree to the terms on the COVID WAIVER

  •  *I have not come into contact with a person infected with Covid 19 within the past 14 days

  •  *I have not experienced the symptoms of Covid 19 within the past 14 days (fever over 100 degrees F, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste/smell)

  •  *I have not been diagnosed with Covid 19 within the past 21 days

  •  *I agree to wear a mask covering my mouth & nose while in public spaces & on the bus for the duration of this tour

    I certify that I meet one of the following criteria:


  • I have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to travel OR

  • I have verifiable proof of a negative Covid 19 test conducted within 72 hours of travel OR

  • I have verifiable proof that I have contracted, recovered, and completed my isolation period from Covid-19 within 3 months of travel



Bloom Bus has updated their safety and cleaning protocols in order to provide you and their employees with the best travel experience, as follows:


  • Sanitized with electrostatic fogger after each use

  • Cleaned thoroughly at the garage after each use and touch points cleaned and sanitized daily

  • Sanitized nightly

    by the drivers on overnight trips

  • Sanitized with EPA approved disinfectants

  • Equipped with upgraded higher-rated air filtration/HVAC system

  • Air on the coach is Recirculated and filtered introducing a complete fresh air exchange every 10 minutes


For the Safety of Customers & Drivers:


  • Drivers & passengers are required to wear facial coverings

  • A protective barrier has been placed behind driver's cockpit

  • Hand Sanitizer is available at front & rear of the coach

  • Drivers will practice social distance and will not shake hands with customers

  • Customers are asked to practice social distancing when possible

  • Drivers will use disposable gloves when handling luggage

  • Bloom adheres to industry best practices & CDC guidelines and has provided training to their employees to do the same




THIS IS A RELEASE OF LIABLITY.  This waiver is entered into between the participant of the tour & Funtastic Getaways and acknowledges that you have read, consented to, and agree to be bound by the causes below.


  1. You are aware Funtastic Getaways will continue to implement polices intended to reduce the potential for the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, but that Funtastic Getaways cannot guarantee that you, or members of your traveling party, will not become infected as a result of your participating in this tour.

  2. You are aware that Funtastic Getaways requires all participants to adhere to all local, state, federal, national, and international guidelines regarding social distancing, facemasks, and other public health requirements

  3. You are aware Funtastic Getaways must abide by the laws and regulations of local, state, federal, national, and international governments regarding the safety & spread of communicable diseases, which may include quarantine in a foreign location, at your expense, without physical access to family and friends and could result in trip interruption or cancellations

  4. You are aware that you could encounter others, including but not limited to, others traveling with Funtastic Getaways, who may have Covid-19 or other infectious diseases, or who are infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 but exhibit no symptoms

  5. You are aware of the Covid-19 pandemic and related government laws, regulations, orders, and guidelines, including guidelines for frequent handwashing, social distancing, and the use of face masks in public locations.  You are aware that this tour is occurring in public locations, which may or may not be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  6. You are aware that Covid-19 is a highly contagious and potentially dangerous disease and that contact with an infected person may result in personal injury or death.

  7. You are aware that some diseases may not produce symptoms during the actual tour, but may after the tour

  8. You are aware that the state may or may not require you to quarantine in your home upon returning home from your tour.  Please ask your tour escort for up to date quarantine regulations.

  9. You are aware that you will be asked to sign a Health Questionnaire

    prior to participating in the tour which will require:

    1. You either be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to travel

    2. OR have a verifiable negative Covid 19 test result with the test having been conducted within 72 hours of traveling

    3. OR a verifiable proof that you have contracted, recovered, & completed your isolation period from Covid 19 within the 3 months prior to travel


You should bring proof of vaccination/negative test/proof of immunity on the tour and keep it with you while traveling. Additionally you will be required to attest that you have not been diagnosed with Covid 19 in the past 21 days, that you have not been experiencing symptoms of Covid 19 within the 14 days prior to travel, and that you have not come in contact with a person infected with Covid 19 within 14 days prior to travel.  You are also aware that you will not be allowed to participate in any tour if showing symptoms upon arrival.


You acknowledge that Funtastic Getaways strongly encourages you to purchase travel insurance for all travel


You agree that you are voluntarily participating in this tour with the knowledge of the inherent risks of Covid 19 and you agree to assume all risks.  You are aware that your payment on this reservation indicates acknowledgment and acceptance of these risks.


To the extent permitted by law, you hereby: Assume and agree to accept any and all risks related to Covid 19 during the course of your travel with Funtastic Getaways.  Release Funtastic Getaways and its employees and tour directors from any and all claims that may accordingly arise during the course of your participation in this tour.  This waiver shall be binding on you, your family, your heirs, and any attorney, agent, executor, trustee, representative, or assignee to the extent permitted by law.  You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Funtastic Getaways for any claims related to Covid 19 or other infectious diseases.   



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