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Are you a savvy traveler?  Funtastic Getaways regular?  Test your tour knowledge with our fun photo quiz of past tour destinations!  Click on the link for the answers.


1)  What New England town is this iconic restaurant located in?  CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!


2)  What is the name of this natural rock formation located in New Brunswick?  CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!



3) What is the name of this famous building in Boston?  CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!



4)  What is this memorial?  CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!



5) What city is home to this iconic restaurant?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER



6) Where can this southern charmer hotel be found?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!



7) On what island can this breathtaking view be found? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!



8) What is the name of this quaint fishing village?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!


9) What hotel boasts the world’s largest front porch?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!



10) What Boston museum features a beautiful center courtyard?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

11)  Here’s an easy one!  Where are these seats? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

12)  A little bit harder – what theater are these seats in?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

13)  Where can this one of a kind attraction be found?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

14) Where can this statue be found?  Bonus: Who is this a statue of?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

 15)  What picturesque city is this?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

16)  Where is this impressive theater located?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

17)   What island is this lovely hotel located on?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

18)  What city hosts this summer tradition every year?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

19)  With 70 rooms and over 65,000 square feet of living space, this is the largest of the Newport Mansions. Which one is it?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!

20)  This Maine lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in North America, what is its name?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!


So how did you do?  Are you a travel pro or just getting your feet wet?  We love exploring new places and revisiting old favorites, we are glad to have you along on the journey!

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